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Zero Replacement Services aims to recall all electronic devices, machines and vehicles that employ the universal power symbol*. This icon will be replaced with a Zero. The motivations are anti-totalitarian nevertheless it will affect the entire world population. Through an external to internal object communication Zero Replacement Services hopes to switch off the mental power object: a corruption that obscures and prevents the development of humanity.

­ *The universal power symbol was introduced in 1973 by the IEC in an attempt to standardize graphical descriptions on electronic device. Although not mandatory most manufacturers choose to adopt this method.


Project Description


Fraught with hypocrisy and paradox Zero Replacement Services nevertheless presents itself as a rational method for switching off the mental power object. In order to switch it off it is first necessary to define it. The mental power object lacks physicality but has definite consequences on people, objects and structures within the physical world.


Zero Replacement Services defines the mental power object as a psychosomatic state of consciousness, possessing an interconnected psychological hold of our desires and fears. Anchoring itself in the emphatic belief: that power wielded over an individual, object or structure is productive. It catalyzes cravings for desire and survival by feeding our animal instincts connected to sex and death: this irrational survival tactic is a leftover from humanities residence in a state of nature.


This internalized thought-twitch within the individual sprawls into the structures of identity, family, business & politics. In doing so it cannot help but corrupt those systems. The irresistibility of wielding the mental power object produces a desire for the individual to attain positions of power within the hierarchical structures that form societies. The perpetrators of power are rewarded by obedience, subordination and complicit action in their field of influence. It is necessary to mark separation of the mental power object from physical power. That power relates to undetermined energy not control. It would appear the two powers identified are intrinsically linked, true in the sense of the body and its immediate influence on the surrounding environment but false in the sense that the mental power object is essential for survival.


Zero Replacement Services aims to end this corrupted mental power object. This can be achieved without denying the necessity for hierarchy within social, financial and political systems, whose structure is essential for life sustaining functionality. Switching off the mental power object is speculation on a re-ordering of the nature of the hierarchical structures that enable civilized society. To accomplish this it is necessary to change the deep-rooted value of the mental power object held within human consciousness.



Practical Application


Our encounter with power as a symbol is found on most electronic devices, most machinery and some vehicles. Its inception was necessary to transcend language and enable fluidity in the global trade of products. The symbol itself is a fusion of the binary: the One and the Zero together. Although technically the most familiar symbol refers to a state of standby power, it has become the dominant demarcation of power switches the world over. Zero Replacement Services declares that this symbol is a corruption of the potential physical power those devices hold. The power switch also acts as a conduit for communication to the mental power object, the key to instigating change.


The fusion of the binary fixes a position for this power; it does not allow for potential. Additionally 1 is a finite amount, the initial demarcation of presence after nothingness: it is resolved, defined. Zero, however marks a point of potentiality, representing our temporal experience of existence. Symbolically this 0 is an egg, a device, a tool. Zero Replacement Services proposes to recall all devices, machines and vehicles with a power switch, replacing all power symbols with a 0.


In 2016 there were an estimated 6.4 billion* devices connected to the Internet alone. Zero Replacement Services offer drop off stations at every post-office across the globe. Turnaround for each item should take less than 10 days**. Domestic alteration packages are also available and strongly encouraged. The process of removing power in practical terms can commence once the meridian of device conversions has occurred.


**  Timings are based on an average port-to-port climate evaluation tool.


Additional Zero Replacement Services protocol is available at the end of this document. Tactics are not limited to but do include – Re-configuring all national budget strategies, free energy for the world forever & pacifist revolution in 10 days.


Patriarchy has perpetuated it is presumed since the end of the Pleistocene era (approximately 11 thousand years). The development of agriculture and domestication led to the genesis of social hierarchy. A hierarchy headed by man, due to his physical strength. Today humanity is outnumbered by the devices and machines it produces. These man-made objects substitute our physical and mental abilities, placing the practicalities of patriarchal dominance in society into the realms of absurdity.


This is epitomized in the power symbol. The 1 breaks the 0. This 1 is overbearingly representative of man: a phallus breaking the boundaries of possibility for zero. Agreed both sexes rely on one another for the physical perpetuation of the species* but the belief that there is a necessity for one to lead and the other to follow is defunct.


This inequality is ever-present in the aesthetics and message of the culture industry. The male gaze insists women are the object of desire and that man is the subject of desire. This pacification of woman acts in the same way the 1 penetrates (and pacifies) the zero in the power symbol. It also reflects patriarchal society’s love of the mental power object. The mountainous task of changing these ingrained systems of belief can assert itself through this change in practical symbology: Zero Replacement Services.


The external process of Zero Replacement Services act to re-adjust perception, removing the mental power object. Suggesting that if ideas surrounding the benefits of power were inversed it would expose a negative vision of the world – this optic metaphor meaning values and visibility of society would find itself pointing towards the whole, making difference irrelevant.


Symbols, (just like the protocol for patriarchal representation of the sexes in culture) appeal to our unconscious. When confronted with the new power symbol of zero it is not to assert a new power-based structure: it negates conflict. It is to plainly allow the potential abilities of humanity to flourish. In the acknowledgment that all begins with zero.

* Zero Replacement Services acknowledges this statement will not be true forever.




Zero Replacement Services propose that the total removal of the mental power object would lead to a new epoch in civilization: a state of total equality, perpetual peace and a greater understanding of the universe. Looking back to the present would be akin to imagining oneself being hung, drawn and quartered.


Not eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth but eye is an eye and a tooth is a tooth*


Zero Replacement Services operates as a global logistics company, a climate evaluation tool that requires the total participation of the global community. For the monitoring of the success of the removal of the mental power object it also possesses capabilities for remote, non-invasive long range brain scanning.


Its operations include (but are not limited to)

Air, Ground & Sea transportation – Reconfiguring warehouses – Printing press – Global Advertising strategies – Intercontinental Governmental orders – Remote, Long range brain scanning – Web presence – Positive rejection of social media – Direct response team based on analytic data recovered historically.


*Author unknown.


Additional Protocol


Re-configure all national budget strategies – To retain an element of practicality this process relies on the entire world’s nations participation coupled with a unilateral immediate disarmament of all WMDs, MOABs and all articles relating to MAD. More specifically it relates to the reallocation of military spending in national budget strategies worldwide. The available funds are then split for un-biased investment in free education and healthcare & housing schemes. The wide range of skills associated with a military vocation are, in-turn, appropriated by domestic sources. War assists technological acceleration in all fields. With the switching off of the mental power object it is necessary to sustain a stare of permanent war in order to provide the necessary structure for accelerated advancement. This state of perpetual war manifests in war without participation. In 2017 the US government was approved for a military budget of $582.7 billion. To put this figure into perspective the GDP of Poland in 2016 was $477 billion. This vast amount accounts for approximately 54% of the total discretionary spending of the US government. The re-allocation of these funds would instantly make the nation 112.5% better off. Education, healthcare and housing are respectively 6% of the annual budget, when the military funds are directly applied to those areas the nation would experience a 400% improvement.

Free energy for the world forever – Free energy assists the autonomy of the individual. In that it provides the individual with a tool essential for production and survival. Simultaneously it aids the removal of exchange value from energy, the consequences of this activity points to futures of utopia and dystopia combined. These concepts reach into our identities and desires in the same function the mental power object does. In particular the threat of dystopia is a tactic employed by the corrupted power systems. The desire for free energy is not a revelation in itself. Nicholas Tesla possessed a vision for a World Power System: free wireless electricity for the planet. His experiments with his imposing Wardenclyffe tower in Colorado Springs were eventually abandoned due in part to Tesla suffering a nervous breakdown and in part to his main source of finance J.P. Morgan pulling the plug. Apart from wireless electricity there is the re-purposing of existing engines to run on water. More specifically the hydrogen from water is extracted through electrolysis and its combustibility used in a conventional manner. There are many varying systems applicable for this conversion. GEET and Aqua Tune are two systems we are focusing on at present. The logistics of providing free energy would begin with a reconstruction of Tesla’s World Power System. This coupled with the water/hydrogen power conversions on all cars would provide the complete system for the removal of exchange value of energy. Rendering a hierarchy of corrupted mental power object over energy obsolete.

Pacifist Revolution in 10 days – Pacifism is critical in this process of change: if shots are fired the system cements itself in the regressive state of the present. Revolution is an essential element of switching off the corrupted mental power object. It would enable the transition of the systems of rule from a power/reward system to a system of bureaucratic hierarchy. This removal of power from within large governmental systems is proven to work. In 2007 Belgium held a general election; this led to a stalemate in voting which in-turn led to the imposition of a caretaker government. This lasted for 4 years. In that time the country did not fall apart, there were no spikes in unemployment, crime or recession. Quit the contrary, life carried on as normal. Additionally it is a generally held theme that we are only ever 9 meals away from anarchy. This concept is built on the view that the average amount of food held in kitchen cupboards will last for 3 days. After the food runs out the apocalypse arrives. This small window of security can be utilized to the advantage of global populations invested in the removal of the mental power object. The revolution is based around the premise that for the first third of every month after payday we do not worry about our financial situation. It is in this period that the inactivity begins. Inactivity is simply not going to work, ten days of Sundays. Staying at home, do the gardening and build solidarity though local social communities. Through the active participation of people from every sector of employment the system would grind to a halt. Within 5 days the power bullies will agree to the demands set out by the dissidents. This leaves 5 days for negotiations to solidify a political system based on isonomy.


*All of these process hinge on a total participation.



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