A Celebration Of Words That Have Changed The World


A Blistering Attack On Wall Street & A Celebration Of Words That Have Changed The World.

THU 29 OCT to SAT 31 OCT

Written by Heathcote Williams (Glasgow Herald Archangel – Lifetime’s Achievement Award Winner)

Heathcote Williams’ celebration of words that have sparked revolution and changed the world.

Performed with live music, Heathcote Williams’ epic poem charts the great resistance movements from the Peasants’ Revolt to Occupy Wall Street. Over 80 poets are referenced in a 55-minute mind-bending maelstrom – a compendium of the courageous, creative voices who called for change, from Shelley to Ginsberg to Pussy Riot.

“A picker pucker panoramic poetry parade” 
-John Hegley

Roy Hutchins is joined by Sameena Zehra, who cut her teeth performing AIDS awareness shows on the streets of Delhi; Jonny Fluffypunk, designated poet of the Bristol squat scene; Selina Nwulu, daughter of Nigerian refugees, charting her parents’ flight from the civil war in her poetry; and they are joined by a host of special guests – all underscored with live, original music from Dr Blue.

“A convincing case for poetry as weapon of choice in the revolution”
-Sabotage Reviews

Featuring the verse, lyrics and music of Maya Angelou, Jim Morrison, Billie Holiday, Sophie Scholl, Emily Dickinson, Martin Luther King, William Blake, Arundhati Roy, Victor Jara, Gil Scott-Heron, Lupe Fiasco and many, many others, this groundbreaking show is a celebration of those who have spoken up against tyranny while making our hearts pound.

“I’m going again, taking everyone who cares about anything. In my book, if you’re not going to ‘Poetry Can F*ck Off’, you can fuck off.”
-3 Weeks

Narrated by Roy Hutchins with Jonny Fluffypunk, Sameena Zehra, Selina Nwulu and special guests – performing alongside original, live music by blues maestro, Dr Blue.

Directed by Paul Hodson

‘a production of exquisite grace and beauty’ – Sally Harrop

‘mind-swaying’ – Michael McClure

‘deeply enriching… a magnificent poetic call-to-arms’  – Jonny Fluffypunk

1 minute trailer:  


Thursday 29th to Saturday 31st October – 7.30pm


Full price: £15 Concessions: £12





By Heathcote Williams

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