A Murder of Crows part 5


A few weeks ago, pretty much out of the blue, Ian Presuming Edmondson sent me a copy of  “A Murder of Crows” by Edward Barker, who was a former Editor of International Times along with Mick Farren.  Only five hundred numbered books were printed and finding a copy is pretty impossible. Hopefully we will be putting the whole book up on IT online magazine over the coming weeks. In our opinion Edward Barker was the greatest British underground cartoonist.  So we continue with series two of the book. Four more cartoons from the magic pen of Edward Barker.

So here go with part 5 and three more fantastic cartoons with an extra cartoon of Mick Farren and Edward Barker on leaving International Times….


An extra from IT.

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2 Responses to A Murder of Crows part 5

    1. Hells bells,Edward,I just looked him up – curiosity and mortality being what is – and find he’s been dust for some twenty years.
      I used to bump into him in and around the pubs of Greenwich when I was down at the Underhill Rehearsal Studios ( where Bowie wrote Ziggy – nice fella).True to his self portrait.He had a very tasty blonde girlfriend as I recall(1972)Ultimate compliment from him -“Ki,you always look like you’ve been freshly scrubbed”
      A great talent and very much a child of his time.

      Comment by Gareth Ki Cotterell on 26 April, 2017 at 9:45 am
    2. All well said Gareth a great man of his times and terrific artist and wit. Hoping you remain if not in mint condition then like a man who has drunkk the vinegar of life and tasted the finest vintage champagne. x

      Comment by Editor on 28 April, 2017 at 4:27 pm

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