twig letter - 4












Mulling over a Life decides some things, but declines much
more.   I was there when the tiger won his freedom and the

doves of peace were deselected.   You know it’s a high-risk
business when the roar gets into your ears and thinking flies

out the window.   A for artisans, B for belladonna, C for the
kindest cut of all and so on: everything you can think of has

its story, tells it like ‘I am’ (there are rhymes here, if you look
hard, but a songbird sounds sweeter).   I didn’t want to be

superimposed over a picture of anything, because nothing
looks like I am, and these words weren’t much better, see if

they aren’t.   Superpowers prowl around, monitoring all I
do.   If they’ve a clue what I’m up to, look at the state of us.

Peter Dent

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