Beautiful compassion
So elusive in the brutal now
You are the only thing
Worth anything
To anyone who believes
They have a soul
Beautiful compassion
Forgive my ignorance
All my foul vomitings
Of bile and spleen and hate
Excuse my retarded clinging
To the ghosts of a desolate spite

Beautiful compassion
I need you now
Like never before
I used to reduce you
To a do-gooder’s chore
An affair for losers
In this game of thrones
Anathema for boozers
Addicted to being alone

Beautiful compassion
Please save my soul
Please stop these cruel
Pitiless bootless thoughts
That make me a sad fool
Shivering needlessly
In the dark pool
Of famished madness

Beautiful compassion
Wake me from this death
I have made of my life
Take me to the garden of love
Surround me with your flowers
As I lie on your bed of grass
Send your angels to kiss me
Kisses of the purest love
Beautiful compassion
I beg you please
Give me back my heart


Roddy McDevitt

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