The Megalomania of Modern America

As many already know, on September 18, 2017 the Senate passed a bill authorizing a further $700 billion to be injected into the coffers of the Pentagon’s military industrial complex, whose primary role is ceaseless global hegemonic expansion, under the deceitful banner of ‘protecting the national interest’.

The US already has over 1,000 military bases spread all over the world. Each exerting a strong geopolitical influence within its particular domain. The budget which supports these bases and the troops, air power and naval presence which goes with them, amounts to 54% of Federal discretionary spending.

The feverish determination to retain and expand the US position as the planet’s number one bully boy, has been accompanied by an unprecedented escalation in the rhetoric of war and violence.

The vitriolic exchanges between Trump and North Korean leader Kim Yong-un, bear testimony to the levels of depravity each party is prepared to descend to in threatening the other with various shades of annihilation.  Within the shifting parameters of this slanging match, it is worth noting that North Korea actually has something to defend: its sovereignty and independence from the ever present threat of US hegemony.

As far as the US and NATO are concerned, no one has any right to nuclear weapons except those who openly support ‘the allies’. ‘The allies’ being a small club of nations that hold a common view on the enforcement of ‘a new world order’, through the auspices of a militarily backed, hierarchical central control system with which to manage global affairs.

The warped psychology which lies behind this deeply aggressive, anti humanitarian vision of a New World Order, needs to be properly examined in order for us to more fully comprehend where such an obsessive motivation ‘to dominate’ has its roots.

Well, you don’t need to be Carl Jung to recognize that the unchecked expression of irrational aggression is subconscious compensation for a substantial lack of inner confidence and self respect, which – when channeled positively – manifests as empathy, wisdom and responsibility, and seeks to turn such into outer actions for the general benefit of mankind.

In a world where being ‘competitive’ is the totem around which neoliberal globalisation revolves, millions are preconditioned to accepting a degree of ruthlessness in everyday life, but especially in business. In fact, it is said that one cannot become successful in (big) business unless one is prepared to put hard-headed ruthlessness well ahead of such humanitarian qualities as compassion and empathy for fellow humans.

The USA prides itself in being a ‘nation of opportunity’ where anyone supposedly stands a chance of rising from rags to riches. But kept well in the shadows in this  ‘land of the free’, is just what it actually takes to get to the top of the ladder.

Step into center stage John Wayne, the tough, swaggering, aggressive cowboy who has been adopted over the years by millions of aspiring US males, as a role model for what it means ‘to be a man’.

Wayne exemplifies the male cut off from his female side – that which produces the qualities of compassion and caring. Here one has the macho male exerting his authority so as to appear always in control of the situation, on top, and in some way invincible. This is the foundation and flash-point for the wider expression of megalomania which has much of global politics in its grip.

The distortion of human nature which must take place in order to successfully project the John Wayne image, involves the repression of those aspects of human nature that would otherwise balance-out the testosterone fueled machismo, with sensitive and humanistic openness.

Men and women each carry within, certain biological characteristics of their opposites. The male, female characteristics and the female, male characteristics. Those who achieve balance between these energies, become well rounded, responsible and often wise individuals. Qualities one is always vainly hoping will be manifest in political leadership.

For many years, John Wayne was held up as the ideal stereotype of  ‘maleness’; and while this image may now be considered ‘passé‘, there is fat chance that anyone ambitious enough to make it to the top is ever going to exhibit the subtly balanced qualities required for genuine leadership.

Somewhere in the psyche of those raised to believe in the attainability of ‘The American Dream’, is a deep frustration. One that can easily turn to anger and vindictiveness; especially once it becomes clear that this ‘dream’ is actually an unattainable chimera – and that the deeply materialistic nature of the road to riches is a sure-fire receipt for inner emptiness.

Inner emptiness, as many have found out, is a hard condition to live with; it is for this reason that those suffering this malaise adopt an outer ‘persona’ which disguises the inner lack. For those who wish to devote their lives to climbing the corporate ladder of the status quo, a tough, hardened image more often than not becomes the adopted persona to be presented to the rest of the business community.

The continuation of the US gun culture bears testimony to the macho climate which has been spurred on by an aggressive corporate ‘big business’ domination of everyday life. The vast military machine simply furthers this agenda – while being put-across as the heroic defender of US liberty!

US women have their image makers too, of course. Madonna being one such example. Here the feminist ideology is encapsulated in a woman promoting the modern in-your-face expression of sexual liberation – but combined – significantly, with total control over those deemed worthy of being lovers.

This is the equivalent distortion of the true female, as John Wayne’s is of the true male. It is hard-edged, ego led vanity, and in Madonna’s case, was the precursor of the Satanic paradigm that is now being played-out by such clones as Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga and Beyonce. All of whom mix fake permissiveness with an underlying need to be both controlled and in control.


The unrooted, drifting nature of US culture is steeped in the concept of ‘image’. It is the dominant force in almost all elements of mass marketing, media presentation, fashion and in the sometimes desperate search for a valid personal identity. US corporations have taught the rest of the world how to shamelessly change the image of a low quality nothing product into something which comes across as the great purchase everyone wants to make!

For many there is genuine difficulty determining what is and is not ‘real’. This goes for emotions as well as products. The US has led the way into ‘virtual reality’, maybe because so many backed a life style that actually turned out to be ‘virtual’ – the ungrounded, insecure and delusional characteristics of ‘the dream’. Something which has left many defenseless against top-down mind control; particularly the major propaganda drives that spread the message of just how great and important America is – and Americans are – in comparison to every other country and peoples on this planet.

Yes, the American Dream is indeed just that. It was always a cipher, a chimera and grand delusion of vast proportions. And at its inception was the idea that here was this vast, fertile, mineral rich and beautiful land just waiting to be ‘settled’ by colonizers, escaping from their homelands in the hope of ‘making it’ in the land of the free!

Many citizens of the US still believe that Christopher Columbus discovered North America. The native American tribes that the settlers encountered, with their deep roots in the plains, rivers and mountains, were swept aside, portrayed as savages who must be driven off the land or simply exterminated.

Yet the documented deeds of much of the North American land mass, held in the US National Archives, clearly show who ‘discovered’ America, before the white invaders set about desecrating their tribal cultures and sacred lands. No wonder ‘invading and destroying’ became embedded in the American psyche as an important attribute of ‘Americanness’.

A country whose culture, self identity and sense of purpose are based upon historical denial, is always going to need some grand delusion to focus on in order to fog over the reality and avoid having to confront – and be conscious – of the deception. In reality, facing and accepting the falsity which underlies ‘the dream’ is the only way US citizens can begin to take back control of their destinies.

What we have witnessed in US politics over the past few decades in particular, is the intensification of propaganda whose aim is to shore-up the steadily unraveling pseudo-cultural dystopia, by reminding citizens just what it means to be ‘American’.

Those who cling to the empty old paradigm of national superiority, military prowess and global domination, do so because subconsciously they cannot face the prospect of becoming aware that they are part of a society whose entire ethos is based on the seemingly irresistible trappings of a fake reality. A world in which everybody has the chance to become a millionaire – providing they ignore the destruction this reeks upon the resource base, fellow human beings, animals, forests and a once highly fertile land mass.

Rather than showing willing to learn this hard lesson, many try to bolster their imprisoned egos by adorating the antics of John Wayne and other Rambo like hero figures, who shoot their way out of trouble whatever the circumstances.

Just like the delusional Floridians shooting at hurricane Irma in the belief that they could thereby kill it off. Or Generał Schwarzkopf (knighted by the Queen of England) blasting his way through Iraq during the illegal US led invasion of that country.

So it is that megalomania becomes ‘the new normal’- the inevitable end point – if one is hell-bent on  avoiding ever looking truth in the eye and being humbled by what one sees. Those who cannot take this step cling to the fraying – and for most, ‘protective’ image of Mr or Mrs Powerful, the Donald Trumps and Hillary Clintons of the national stage, whose pompous posturings serve to hide a profound lack of vision and a pervasive inner weakness.

What is on show, is an empty expression of hubris and arrogance, hiding the terrible vacuum which lies right at the heart of this phantom known as The American Dream. Here lies the cowardly beast which, desperately needing to re-enforce its compensatory image of Mr Strong Man, unleashes its imperialist hegemony on the rest of the world.

The trouble, for the rest of the planet, is that this deeply irrational ambition for ‘full spectrum dominance’ continues to drive this monster into the backyards of almost every country of the world, where it then sets about pressurizing the leadership to take on the dystopian US value system which so insidiously pollutes the values of native cultures.

Fortunately, this is not always achieved to the satisfaction of the imperialists. But most NATO countries have, in one way or another, failed to resist the self serving demands of Mr Big Bully and the vast military machine used to threaten anyone courageous enough to refuse entry.

So perhaps we have now uncovered what “Let’s make America great again” actually means. A statement received with rapt enthusiasm by a substantial percentage of the US electorate – and a cold shiver of apprehension by the rest of the world.

Eventuality all megalomania shoots itself in the foot, recognized for what it is and despised by a growing proportion of humanity. However, the damage done in the meantime has a telling affect on all aspects of planetary life, all sentient creatures and all peoples, including the aspirations of those whose lives have only just begun.

Let us join together in mustering a common will to expose and depose those architects of top down insanity who, left to their own devices, will continue to reek havoc for generations to come.


Julian Rose is an early pioneer of UK organic farming, a writer and international activist. He is President of The International Coalition to Protect the Polish Countryside. Julian is author of two acclaimed titles ‘Changing Course for Life’ and ‘In Defense of Life’ which you can purchase via his website



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2 Responses to The Megalomania of Modern America

    1. With ‘Go West young man’ having long since segued into “… and now conquer the world’, back on our side of the pond ‘The empire on which the sun never sets’ has firmly reset to the Greenwich meridian, bringing back to blighty all the instruments of imperial control as ‘The Empire Within… and now on a street near you’.

      So what the hell, then, is this bleedin’ Brexit Dream thingy? I tend to think of it as the fruit of some garbled variation of Sellar & Yeatman’s 1066 and all that, manifested as a poorly remembered and badly understood horse ‘n’ steam-powered rogue Trident missile system, slithering noisily in the subconscious deeps under the dubious ‘control’ of a demented captain ‘with powerful friends on shore’’.

      Or is that ‘off-shore?’, the loot of empire surplus to our masters’ everyday wants stashed away in a few remaining outposts of the old empire, like the buried gold ‘n’ jewel filled pirate treasure chests of old.

      Them thar’ colonials call the tune these days, Yankee Doodle riding on an ICBM or a B-21 advanced stealth bomber. The feather in his cap is a whimsical fantasy of full spectrum dominance; a domination of atomised individuals over both the circumstances of their lives and their nation over the globe.

      But the nostalgia for greed and power of the Brexiteers is on par for nihilism, based on a fake reality nurtured long, long ago in this not so distant Kingdom of ours. An island realm whose warriors of ‘trade ‘n’ conquest’ plundered the globe to build themselves palaces and personal universes of opulence; off which megalomania a privileged country has, pre-austerity at least, endeavoured to build comfortable and potentially fulfilling lives for all of its citizens.

      The attempt by a relatively few billionaires, corporations and hedge funds to persuade a nation of dreamers to break all social and ecological responsibility by escaping EU oversight, and leave us at the mercy of our pirate politician class, exploits a British (though particularly English) obsession with the past. It was a brutal past that has led us through strife to the threshold of a realistically worthwhile Promised Land, in which the judicious use of our technologies might, just might provide for all…

      But just as the American Dream could yet destroy the world, the Brexit Dream could well do for any hope of a New Jerusalem to bequeath to our children.

      Comment by Patrick Nother on 5 October, 2017 at 11:36 am
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