Bippety and Boppety Discuss Loneliness

— I am alone and I am somewhat tired of being alone. Perhaps I should splash out and take in a glove puppet. They could have the spare room.
— Companionship is key if one is tired of being alone and wishes to have a sharer with whom to share.
— But I am not sure about sharing. I am a very private person.
— At least one part of me is interested, but not very much.
— I do not enjoy sharing bathrooms or kitchens, or personal emotional states.
— A glove puppet would be an ideal solution in the circumstances.
— But surely he or she would always be demanding I give them a hand with whatever they were up to.
— I had not considered that. Let me think about it. Can I get back to you next year? I have an appointment somewhere.
— Certainly. I have enough medication to see me through until it becomes irrelevant.


Martin Stannard




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