Bippety and Boppety Discuss the Vegetarians


– The people next door have converted to vegetables.
– Indeed.
– There is an article about them in the neighbourhood newsletter.
– I never read it. Gossip porn.
– Apparently they all feel much healthier as a result of their change of diet, and are also doing their bit for the environment.
– I hope they each get an appropriate medal.
– As a consequence of reading about their experience I too am contemplating abandoning the meat-eating life and taking up vegetables on a full-time basis.
– But the mother in there looks a bit worse for wear if you ask me.
– It’s true she does indeed seem to have lost a lot of weight.
– And I saw teenage Tanya outside the petrol station yesterday tucking into what I believe was a Ginster’s Cornish pastie.
– Can this be true?
– Plus, what will you do with the buffalo steaks and reindeer haunches in your chest freezer, not to mention the stockpiled sausages?
– Oh, I had not considered that.
– Don’t go nuts!
– There is food for thought, that’s for sure.


Martin Stannard




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