Bippety and Boppety Talk Organised Religion

– It’s Sunday. I’m off out to look at a church.
– Sunday is a fine day to look at churches, better than any of the other days of the week, although Friday is okay if for any reason you can’t make Sunday.
– I would never look at a church on a Friday.
– I believe it’s on Fridays the churches are washed.
– A church always looks better when it’s been washed.
– Agreed! I’m always saddened to see a grubby church.
– A grubby church is a sin in my book.
– I believe I’m right in thinking the washing of churches stems from the washing of dirty children by the mother of St. Jesus.
– It’s something like that. The precise details escape me.
– But as my Mama use to say before she was sentenced, godliness is next to cleanliness. Or the other way around.
– You can’t argue that.
– You probably can’t argue that.

Martin Stannard




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    1. Delightful piece! Great and unexpected details about Mama.

      Comment by John Levy on 19 April, 2022 at 3:49 pm

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