BORN 2 RULE ( A one legged Go Go dancer’s Point of View )

In Borisland a giant white hippo with lumpen curves and pudding -bowl hair

gyrating to the sexy -sweet taste of POWER

                                 SPAFFLE ! HUMBUG ! FLIM FLAM !

Loitering poodle politerati lounge across the Treasury Bench nodding and laughing

like limbless chickens . Cluck! Cluck! Cluck!

There are tokens who have been bought off with ministerial posts

Borisland is a giant RECTUM full of lies, bile , and apocalyptic piggies selling


Dressed up as ONE NATION feel- good snappy -catchy – election -goo goo.

With their fat FUCK YOU ! fingers of HATE they dangle fifty pound


under the noses of the homeless and the walking dead, their blood thinned by lack

of Beef Wellington and Port .

King Boris AKA The Incredible Bulk will huff puff bluff and twerk his way back to

NO 10 if you let him!

Pot Noodle Politician makes clumsy clown -like speeches full of

Blue Peter gimmickry one lined hyperbole and GREED ! GREED! GREED!

He’s the baddest blonde in the kingdom he was out on Friday urinating on a

Hijabi, a gay prince, and a West Indian cabbie

In good moments he will ruffle his halo of super white hair and offer you

investment deals from the public purse ,

but only if you give him a hot, wet, thigh skimming , cock -rubbing lap dance first

He talks in the voice of a masturbating DICKTATOR in plummy Etonian


The toxic drivel he poo poos gives him confidence

and an air of fake authority

Manky -mouth bullshit ? AB-SO-FUCKING-LUTE-LY

Jammy Dodger never answers a question

But uses an aria of insults to DEFLECT DETRACT and DUPE

He offers a masterclass of spin to the Great British Electorate

Immune to DEBT BAD LUCK and the stink of SCANDAL

He never tires of pushing his act on the public


his dictum is straight


For the perfect sunny FRAUD

It works 100% of the time



The Shoreditch Panty Bandit November 2019

The Shoreditch Panty Bandit is a wild -eyed scribbler with Frank Zappa locks who zooms around on a toy bike and uses a candy red sharpie to scrawl the walls .

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