Photographs by Max Reeves, Poems by David Erdos

DAUNT BOOKS, 61 Cheapside , London EC2V 6AX – Thursday 14th March 2019,6.30pm-9pm. 0207248 1117 [email protected]

Scrying the beautiful photo traces of Max Reeves, David Erdos shapes his lyric information into the ghostly imprint for a marvellous new empire of the Mind. Wonderful work – Alan Moore David Erdos is out there now, high in the ranks of the great but unappreciated – he is a trawl of resistance and heart stabbing tributes at a time of cultural diffidence and confusion – Iain Sinclair Poetry seems to flow from David Erdos as naturally as water from a spring. His response to Max Reeves’ enchanting photographs is a visionary journey of psycho magic – David Bramwell Max Reeves is a Poet of the lens – Niall McDevitt

The launch of Byzantium, the first of a new trilogy of photo-poems by Max Reeves and David Erdos is complements and enhances classics of the genre that includes the work of Patrick Keiller, Iain Sinclair and Marc Atkins’ LIQUID CITY and John Berger and Jean Mohr.

In documenting the burial sites of forgotten jewish shamans, the ruins of Boleskine House, the occult power base for Aleister Crowley and Jimmy Page, the ravages of the Hellingly Asylum, near Mutations of London’s Physic Garden and the Apophenic splendours to found in the city’s deepest recesses, these fifty viewpoints from the edge of experience and perception form an eerie and affecting means to re-encounter the hidden places of both mind and vision. Poem becomes photograph and captured image breeds its own music, as the creators behind this seismic and resonant book aim for a new resonance. Tonight’s launch will offer glimpses of the pasts and possibilities that each of the book’s five chapters commemorate.

Byzantium stands for a forgotten city, written into the fabric of our own. It is also a place of spiritual and artistic bohemia; a birthplace for a new form of imagination – one in which every form of sensory appreciation combines to reveal the gods lost to shadows and the forgotten truths of scarred minds. It has been described already as a necessary contribution and purchase for all of those looking beyond the norm. It is an act of connection. Time travel takes place on each page.

Entropy Press, 2019. Price £20.

For all enquiries into Byzantium and readings/photo presentations by David Erdos and Max Reeves please contact [email protected] and [email protected]:

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