changing of the guard 

paparazzi-hounded crash victims are  
garnering support from the electorate  
once again your majesty as the  
extermination of an ideology is 
soundlessly finalised in the warrens  
around threadneedle street and the  
return of world war is re-imagined  
as part of a huge showcase of live  
entertainment third-largest by some  
assessments and what will become  
known as the peacemaker is used to  
restore order and a medley of peculiar  
attractions becomes a pre-match  
tradition and junior officers will  
decide who will be shot who were  
created for that purpose pamphlets  
are issued and made required reading  
and suspects are brought in to the  
psychological war laboratory oh to  
rank our writers in such new ways to  
prevent their usage spread to include  
our values on the bench so make the  
most of your close-up and pocket the  
proceedings as you stroke recycled  
cat hairs on the roof of your  
outhouse in all seriousness though  
the liquidation of the consigliere  
was surely an honest mistake as  
every quarter uses just one inch  
of its intention and the great history  
highlights are shown again and  
again and at last the glory seekers  
welcome back the household  
cavalry and get to meet some of  
the horses despite the unfortunate  
mix-up to bring a fitting end  
to the biggest week of the year 
for live broadcast on terrestrial  
tv on either side of the cup final  
as the very prestigious and  
impeccably precise one hundredth  
anniversary of gratification on the  
western front is deloused  
respectfully for those attending  
this year to witness the judicious  
manifestation that will include fine  
dining and the inevitable foxtrot    



Eddie Heaton





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