Hi good afternoon everyone what’s the situation today? Fresh talent – fun free and friendly. You gonna go for it? Heck yeah! Yeah absolutely! What are you hearing there? More hoity-toity arty-farty nonsense OK!  3, 2, 1… Let’s go! You saw me I saw you early bird angel face sweeping chalk plateau dream rotation A powerful geyser – Oh how ridiculous! An oscillating sprinkler –

shoots high into the night sky: but appearances are deceptive turning out a lot more… you know… 

bit like a no-go break-glass-to-open thing remind us how we got here, darling live show one-to-one co-ordinating lace trim head to the fairground change the narrative: narrow winding alleys colourful piazzas virtual museum piece radio-controlled real gone electronics whizz hat-check girl reveals all the stories hidden within us as she moves slowly away seawards here we go again! Facing tough decisions sandy beaches coco-de-mer palms wool rags subwoofers and strobes. C’mon! It’s a moment of celebration of solutions without boundaries of dance-floor sunsets to banish memories of stylish bedrooms and oh yes sooo much more. C’mon! Never be shy to say ‘hi’ so yeah! c’mon!

Know what? Listen up everybody! Seismic shuffle deranged and estranged something of a pincer movement or even a dynamic take on what really matters: do something amazing today and tonight will be a defining moment but I tell ya don’t mess with me! Ha! Well that’s it for now bye! Hello to all of you along the way traffic noise ‘off stage’ music revolver shots civic functions and ceremonies the outputs of which are combined and subjected to experiments by a scatter-brained socialite life doesn’t get much better than this! She called him Strange Rover – where’s he going? Where did he come from? Who the hell is he anyway? Scene-stealing hot jockey dab hand with piping bag masked by rotating shutter twitching movement of limbs upper right hand corner of picture (ooh kinky!) what’s the mood there? Wooaaa! YeeeOUCH! Giggles uncontrollably: so now what?

She rocked slogan knickers like Please Hug Me Naughty Nice Kiss My Ass Dirty Girl No Hot Ashes

Wi-Fi Here Watch Your Step hey! What are the chances? Tsk! Tsk! Oh behave! Elaborate forms of life carried out in style of recent trends – over to you it speaks volumes oh yes it does: viewers wore coloured spectacles right eye green left eye red had to undergo another drastic change well there’s plenty of reaction. Oh no! What do I do now? A torrid nail-biter that’s the way to do it I think we’re good to go! Ok that’s about it from me so do have a lovely afternoon ‘bye ‘bye. Hi there! Hello you lovely lot! Seen everything? Yesss! It’s game on! Woof! Woof! Wiggle! Wiggle! Oh! My goodness! Remember?

And then… the Big Reveal: ticks a lot of boxes – so who needs fireworks? And just what does that mean in practice? Stunning reflections somewhat hit and miss hoping for a festive bounce?  Bring it on! Hazy skies – the very spirit of the open road: band carriages gilded cages triumphal cars shouty brats razzmatazz rumbas monster hats scary head-warmers to blow your socks off puppets performing animals strolling players a lot of pinch-me moments – just magic! Then we saw a tent of card-sharpers the house manager wore a dinner jacket just how significant is that? You may well ask! The countdown is on for our much-loved Jessie-Belle – a door-to-door-stripper her groovy synchronous winders need to be seen to be believed – ooh aaah! Look at ‘em go! Yeah look at that! Wow! Forward backward and side to side makes a splash! Ooooweee!  A life-changing encounter: we won it as good as it gets under huge pressure thrill-seekers cause public outcry yet the vital evidence has been lost why does that matter? And where does it go from here? We’re all buzzing local sources say test the limits to the edge-of-your seat let’s keep it straight let’s keep it raw! Violence swearing nudity all that stuff and oh yeah an emotional night for us all an absolute gem! Let’s pick up with that: dream it now! Well why not? That’s a very big ask good riddance that’s what I say I don’t think so – whoever you are it has touched all our lives just like that forward flash welcome to my world that’s it! Back to you!

Hello good afternoon a warm welcome back to this region of unbelievers we went to take a look but we all have our demons applicable only to lighter elements under glass hoods it all gets very messy quite quickly and you might think something pretty odd is going on – compulsive repetition of snatches of rhyme but also there’s an interesting subplot flesh and spirit singing for the purposes of enchantment to ensure in certain circumstances you flip your vibe get it while it’s hot high voltage next day see for yourself. Cirrus and cirro-stratus clouds haloes round sun and moon you better be on your way this could be a goofy movie egos in suits tuned as drones scenery somewhat similar

to the Surrey hills with visible traces of ancient roadworks from whence are discharged a shower of invectives denunciations and satires with a somewhat ungainly appearance a blast of fresh air swearing like a sailor no half measures yet the bar of the storm or spin of the nucleus won’t sass me

remarkable true tale where the course of external events brought about a decisive change direct return of icicles and the use of accidental poetry: an emotional night for all.

Worried about the danger of image-worship? You would see history being made with a little bit of push and slide good day for chasing rainbows of diversified texture fine-grained arrangements of intrusive dykes vertical fissures of luminous appearance – with scenes of a distressing nature this jaw-dropping offering has people spooked strong stuff it gets to move through the gears really how did that fly? There’s a big ceremonial crescendo of screamin’ habdabs but sceptics have suggested it was all a mere hallucination rapidly deepened to somehow form a wild uncanny valley effect. Oh my! Sparkling mad! Have a good day yeah? Well Hellooo there! What’s the latest? Why not spook the intelligentsia? Indeed why not it’s a good question is poetry an accident waiting to happen? Whoah! Well, the search is already on – what do you make of it? Hysterical! Snap it up! Let’s do it! Don’t get your panties in a bunch just think of normal everyday things like a red aurora vortex or notes between the keys sure – try to blend in – smooth with no bits be like everyone else– hang on in there! Hey dudes! What’s the scene where you are? Uh oh! Lazy boring and irrelevant expect delays that’s the most exciting thing you’ve said all day hazy skies round the corner it’s a toss-up power on! A step too far but it’s fighting talk I like it! Waaaay out! It’s the very latest! Oh Dios Mio! Game for a fling? – Crazy offer – Ha! Ha! Ha! What else do we know? What happened next? Cunningly disguised as one of the lads our poete maudit slipped into an Espresso Bar: lost in a shopping mall? Yes! Yes! Yes! A palace of screaming glass scorching hot looks hands-free boobtastic bikini-busting cutie-pies

open-mouthed onlookers terrified bystanders photo-special harmonic of desire secret fantasies – all makes all models electric multi-surface razor sharp edges manic grins deranged laughter fish and chips burgers hot wraps a twisted circus – open ‘til late.

It’s just wicked! And never a dull moment: now here’s a thing melt with joy behind every curtain gilded trees jaw-dropping angels of mystery strange signals – distant Suptopian neo-nihilist blues diverted traffic – a long tailback to Nowhere Junction. Well that’s it for now have a very good afternoon.




AC  Evans



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