Dear Alma Mater

I write you in tears,

As I am filled with fears

I am hopeless

And equally helpless,

I cry regularly

And weep constantly,

Nothing seems to comfort me

Because you are in ruins.


The future is blurred

And the night scary,

The past is ‘hurtful’

The present is harmful,

The night is scary

The future is blurred.


Built for the future

To nurture the unborn,

Built for the unborn

To nurture the future,

I weep my Alma mater

For the future is blurred

For the unborn maybe uncultured.


Your buildings dilapidate

Your quarters go obsolete,

Your fields turn bushes

Your courts become plain,

I weep for my Alma mater.


You made queens and angels

Giants and heroines,

You produced great women

Wonders of the world,

Dear Alma mater

My heart bleeds.


Return, return O Shulammite

For your beauty wooed the king,

Return for your scent adorned the prince

Your ornament decorated the chosen

Return my purple gold

Return O my St Catharine’s,

For my heart bleeds!





NGOZI OLIVIA OSUOHA is a poet/writer/thinker, a Nigerian graduate of Estate Management with experience in Banking and Broadcasting.

She has published over two hundred and fifty poems and articles in over twenty countries and has also featured in over forty international anthologies.

She has authored six poetry books and coauthored one. 

She has numerous words on the marble, she has won many awards and also a one time BEST OF THE NET NOMINEE.

Some of her poems have been translated and published in several languages.

Painting by Viktor

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