It would appear that he has it: Hooray?
Ungracious, I know, even churlish,
But his faux Churchillian airs and graces
Have been graceless at best, let’s be clear.
Yet how it seems germs provide
A quick connect to the people;
As he breathes in time with the stricken,
What will Boris lose that’s held dear?
His poorly expressed oratory
Merely smears the pale statesman,
Who will cough, sneeze and splutter
In the hope of enhanced sympathy.
With his close to designed martyrdom
(He won’t know if he’s Cummings or going)
The plans for empires are established
And we are asked to bask Boris
With the same concern as those loved.
Potential tyrannies, humanised, as the Tory
Stronghold seems to strengthen,
A socialist act, pre-taxation,
Like Mussolini’s trains warms the glove –
That grips the soft throat as it struggles
Through phlegm for persuasion,
So that the voice clogged and mottled
Can still espouse confidence.
We will have to see what’s sincere
As the face is cloaked by soiled tissue,
And begins a new language
With which no captive tongue finds offence.
We talk of courage and hope, but no deadline
Comes for the living, even as danger ‘poems’
Or journals away in the dark.
We still do not know what we should,
Or how to quantify our resources,
As the ruling forces spit at us,
Invisible handshakes leave their mark.
No-one should suffer, of course.
And at the end of the day, he is human,
But will this new alignment make Boris
(And Dominic) truly see
                                  Both the fear in the face
And the context behind the contagion,
Or will the callow guardedness of this poem
Make them wish it back, straight at me?
These are the times to be French (certainment),
Certainly, and to once again sibling Europe,
Even while keeping it at a distance,
As you can’t contain liberty. So let fraternity
Reign, and egality sister briothers,
As we hope the germ binds us
And sets no lip to tremble.
I do not want to say Diddums,
As spent and squandered we still seek
Love’s currency. Prime Minister, will you
Spend that on us, as opposed to the former
Campaign of ascension? And are we all
Cummings, or going across the common field?
Who’s healthy?
                                                                                                              David Erdos March 28th 2020

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