Hi there! Hello you lovely lot!
Seen everything?
Yesss! It’s game on!
Woof! Woof! Wiggle! Wiggle!
Oh! My goodness! Remember?
And then… the Big Reveal:

Ticks a lot of boxes – so who needs fireworks?
And just what does that mean in practice?
Stunning reflections somewhat hit and miss
Hoping for a festive bounce?  Bring it on!
Hazy skies – the very spirit of the open road:
Band carriages gilded cages triumphal cars
Shouty brats razzmatazz rumbas monster hats
Scary head-warmers to blow your socks off
Puppets performing animals strolling players
A lot of pinch-me moments – just magic!
Then we saw a tent of card-sharpers
The house manager wore a dinner jacket
Just how significant is that?
You may well ask! The countdown is on for
Our much-loved door-to-door-stripper Jessie-Belle
Her groovy synchronous winders need to be seen
To be believed – ooh aaah! Look at ‘em go!
Yeah look at that! Wow!
Forward backward and side to side
Makes a splash! Ooooweee!

A life-changing encounter: we won it
As good as it gets under huge pressure
Thrill-seekers cause public outcry
Yet the vital evidence has been lost
Why does that matter?
And where does it go from here?
We’re all buzzing local sources say
Test the limits to the edge-of-your seat
Let’s keep it straight let’s keep it raw!
Violence swearing nudity all that stuff and
Oh yeah an emotional night for us all
An absolute gem! Let’s pick up with that
Dream it now! Well why not?

That’s a very big ask
Good riddance that’s what I say
I don’t think so – whoever you are
It has touched all our lives just like that
Forward flash welcome to my world
That’s it! Back to you!

A C Evans





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