A reactionary wind sweeps the sidewalk -reliving 

those blond blue – eyed yesterdays

A hamster-cheeked white sugared boy

clenches his fist and under the curl of

his toddler grin he cries: ‘Don’t don’t sit here. Terrawist!’

Teeny weeny dimpled feet stomping on the blue checked seat

Milk toothed coral-lipped antagonist

Pulling apart the threads of her headscarf 

An awkward scene repeated on planes and trains 

and in the street

in shops and at the office

suited snakes stare at her -then recoil as if she 

were the one who murdered  them all

and anger sweats their lips

as they succumb to that  twang 

Platters of sorrow and dead tomorrows

if the divisive hand of blame won’t change.



Saira Viola

Image: Elena Caldera

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One Response to F-Hole

    1. “A hamster-cheeked white sugared boy…” Love it!

      It still amazes me how people can get away with un-instigated assault in the name of security. The Bush Doctrine brought down to the personal level…

      Comment by Dave Allen on 6 April, 2017 at 8:27 am

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