Lap Steel Boogey Man

Pic: Elena Caldera


Known as  swinging dick – I  sit in belligerent  isolation
I salute the military but my over sized ego stops me from listening-
it’s the way I turn  my nose up  at the common man –
pimping  the pentagon to bankers  fixers  confidence tricksters  -almost anyone
I think I’ve got  a four  foot cock covered in Chuck Norris dust
I’m a snatch grab ‘n’ grease it man
I tell it like it is Blacks-Asians-Lesbians
Muslims- gays -Mexicans- trannies and refugees
They’re taking over
I see them everywhere -swarming parasites -in my neighbourhood -on my  TV
They get millions of dollars for doing nothing-
for playing victim
They have names that don’t belong here like Hope and Charity
I got a plan to make everything right again

I don’t believe the media
They embellish -distort make stuff up
I’m going to build  -kick start the economy
I’m doing it for me -myself and my family
It’s in the corners of my ass -tongue mouth
and my white -loving black -hating Chief of staff
I got a plan to make everything right again









I only read showbiz headlines
or snippets in the glitter press
Women must be beautiful:
long legs – silicone tits
I’m just  misunderstood they quote me out of context
I don’t believe in global warming – it’s a scam
I got a plan to make everything right again

I just wanna tell them my truth
I’m gonna make this beautiful
I’m gonna steal all your dreams –
and fuck you over
I’m in control
I’m the star of the show
When I look into the wounded eyes of my America
I know I can make everything right again.


Saira Viola

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