Resources for addressing the needs

Last year I was homesick

                    We need to take control

Education, materialism and hard work

                   Making immigration work for all

I am a child – we either flourish or flag

                  Urgent needs and key recommendations

You can see my beliefs by what I do

                   Refugees are living in perpetual fear

I have been growing up here

                   Sponsor a child

We have a really good life

                   Maximizing the potential

Next year I am homesick

                   Find us a new home

                   I see people in a different way

Remember that the dying character still has a personality

                   It’s not a fear as such

The dying process is often referred to as the terminal phase

                   It’s like you are tumbling down

This definition will guide validation of after-death reports

                    I don’t have to feel this way

Life is a survival horror game set in a vast and dangerous open world

                    It feels even worse

This has been created to help you to answer some difficult questions

                    I am so sick and tired of listening

                   I was hoping I can stay

The right to travel has never been absolute

                 We were very sorry to leave

Free movement rights may differ somewhat

               We had very little to lose

The country needs a new migration system

               Everyone seemed so frightening

 A world where boundaries are becoming less meaningful

              I felt very lonely most of the time

A narrative about the rights of individuals

              Find us a new home





© Rupert M Loydell
Illustration: Claire Palmer

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