from Songs Of The Revolution

from 103


i want to write a poem
here in this neapolitan sunlight
smog drenched sea air

i want to write a poem like donne hölderlin or laforgue
my mouth bare of word magick
unable to unfurl intonation to unprison spirit

i want to write a poem
devoid of mortar rhetoric
which clots the mind

this is my poem

nonviolent justice
nonviolent education
nonviolent sexuality

nonviolent childbirth
nonviolent labor
nonviolent economy

nonviolent medicine
nonviolent childrearing
nonviolent right

nonviolent looks
nonviolent food
nonviolent philosophy

nonviolent transportation
nonviolent machines
nonviolent machines

nonviolent oil
nonviolent industry
nonviolent dreams

nonviolent drama
nonviolent power
nonviolent heights

nonviolent jargon
nonviolent fires
nonviolent freedom

nonviolent art
nonviolent religion
nonviolent movies

nonviolent childbirth
nonviolent lovers
nonviolent being that children dont kill
except with snowballs

nonviolent winds carry concepts
across the thick sea of blood jam poetry
and exaltations




Julian Beck

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