Misty gal time to get unreal smooth move yo-yo daddy-o

Power up city vision, unleash your express Universal Transit Centre

No we’re not going upstairs darling all the way facility

Gadgets games Nowhere Junction where it all happens whatever

Crossing too much like health and beauty specialist games

Keep out no more screaming manners bring it on, take ‘em off

High end cocktails boutique, goodbye head screw soul dancing

Not local not fully majestic call the shots. If he goes, they all go.

Taste the day you lucky people!


Fluid language highway guaranteed under part exchange.

Neither here nor there watcha say? Go! Go! Go!

Vamp zone forget sultry re-think your way look go all out sky list

Red phone box old style ‘I am the agent’ snobby tweets.

Experience fiery harsh elegant psychic fireworks we care about

Driving across caution uncharted set off hectic heretic life

Busy, busy, busy call out. Just love willowy Wanda from Whyteleafe South

Juke Box Bandits car wash push and slide, revenge maybe?

Ok all you Broadway wise guys see it for yourself, maybe?

Ambiguous bike riders everywhere, maybe?

Not like specialist eyewash, maybe?

Unique alignment impudence exploding hot waves

Checkerboard fragments spinning into this instant bizarre

Dramatic screaming blind spot whole thing falls apart

New watch reality strikes complete battle you can’t (maybe)

Local upper studio fields and stepping stones required

Like your twinkling stars (good to know)

Somehow the world is magic; storytelling the answer.

Playing games essential edge now approaching paranoid dragon

Travelling secret service here futuristic nothing nowhere time zone

Its hell on wheels, glow with the flow exclusive cuts Ring Road

Smart mosaic clothing, chauffeur-driven cars, destination imagination

Buy now pay later new look discover style lickin’ fingers, woohoo!

No entry, it says lost, snap! Not good.

Surreal metropolitan hi-jinks. Pow! Pow! Power!

Next day nothing special.


Dirt-busting grab-a-bounce Karate Academy for Kids

Wake up and taste the day Wonder Hair Salon just electrical massage,

Free five star soundbites, select castle lifeline tailback, red lights on and on.

It’s good to have a bit extra and Serious Stuff

(Anything goes)

Storms and shark tales go loopy

Have a good day yeah?

Walk a life… and look, the unreal eye of the beholder,

This means you.


A.C. Evans

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