i could turn u (in seconds)








21 May 13 12.08.14
Look at you – in your Compton cap, with Wu-Tang in your headphones and counterculturalist sloganeering all over your kitchen wall – when I could turn you into the sort of person that calls in the police in seconds.

21 May 13 12.09.35
Cos you know who the only people worse than bullies are? The ones that stand by and watch.

21 May 13 12.47.22
All I have ever tried to do is to involve you in what I am doing, because I thought you were kind, clever, but most important – that you could see through the and gave a shit.

21 May 13 12.48.15
When really all you wanted was someone more loser, more left out, more hated than yourself. Well not anymore. I call you out u prick

21 May 13 12.49.54
And on top of that, seeing what I now see, it becomes obvious that you are one of those people trying to get in on a scene that you are much too late for, just because of some buzz. Too cynical for words and not welcome.

21 May 13 12.50.12
I might just stay here, in protest at the disgustingness of people going. As if anyone would notice! Do more damage with a broken bottle. Just gross.

21 May 13 14.41.49
AMusingly I’ve just realised I have your old house keys. I might just go and give them to the crackhead outside Dalston station with your address. I can’t be bothered to be creative today, so I’ll let the hobos do my work for me: You don’t deserve me!

21 May 13 15.02.37
And if you feel it is going too far, then I will only say: All property is theft. homowner.

21 May 13 15.06.37
Because really I have tried to make you an exception for years now, but you are all of the same ilk. I’ve seen your gang from the inside and from the out, and I know which I prefer.

21 May 13 15.07.41
When people say beautiful these, days, they just mean rich. Don’t be a dip-dye cunt. I’ve seen women more beautiful than your new bird ploughing potato fields. And I read the ridiculous thing she wrote “how long would you say hair has influenced music or WHATEVS!”

21 May 13 15.08.13
Hang about with stupid people long enough and you become one of them pahahahaha

21 May 13 15.08.13
Just some farcical debutante charade.

21 May 13 15.08.34
Anyone who is happy to lend their identity to these huge corporate pro-consumerist assholes and then try and dumb bitch their way out of any sort of social responsibility towards it is a danger to life on earth and should be treated as such.

21 May 13 15.12.04
Think about it – anyone’s whose had money in their family for more than four generations – do i really have to spell it out? There are no exceptions.

21 May 13 15.12.04
Here’s the plan: I carry on writing books, you carry on hanging out – only from hereon in it’s a competition. Let’s see whose winning in 30 years time.

21 May 13 15.09.12
I think you are confusing ‘not bitching about someone’ with ‘being friends with someone’. Spinelessness is so easy easy. So please, just ask yourself – did you ever stand up for me when you listened to people slagging me off? Even if you knew they were wrong? Like hell!

21 May 13 15.10.37
There is no such thing as an innocent bystander and all diplomats are in it for themselves. *

21 May 13 15.11.14
What you might come to realise in time is that the cost of an easy life is far higher than the cost of an honest one.

21 May 13 15.17.27
Take a look around at your friends. Any success they have had is down to how much money they’ve spent. And even then, they don’t get that far. You should respect me for doing it a different way.

21 May 13 15.20.48
What it comes down to is: did you love him? If you did, do as you feel, if you didn’t, step down.

21 May 13 17.17.40
I’ll take your silence as a no then, in which case spare me the am-dram.

21 May 13 17.17.40
You should be careful bandying about terms like one love if you don’t actually understand the concept behind them: You must feel like shit when you listen to bob marley.

May 21 13 18.50.54
Even these messages should make it clear how much of a fuck I gave. Write it off as crazy, ignore me, but then ask yourself, how are you different from any of the rest of those heartless fools? And how, will you get any further?

21 May 13 18.56.13
Blah blah blah you chainsmoking alcoholic. Get a clue.

21 May 13 19.12.24
You are an idiot.

21 May 13 19.22.41
Why even bother to call?


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