A cat in the box.

                                                            Hold that thought.

Now imagine a goddess 

                                                             Rising naked

Out of chaos: she divides

Sea from land, pirouettes

                                                            Each whitecap,

                                                             Rides a randy serpent

Until they’re both spent,

                                                             Drops her egg into

    Its Father’s tightening coils

Until, split shell flaking

All creation tumbles out.

Hold on to that as well.


                                                             Next imagine


sudden light where there was nothing not even emptiness imagine that
spasm echoing splashes coalescing as dust snags dust onto blizzards of new born stone that collide re-coil spinning energy mass a magma globe first day dawning
comets volley down first water rising as rivers quenching first bedrock falling
rain sowing seas where single strands plait the first double helix that uncoils


           through millennia into organised

                   Form: remember that cat in the box?

          Well now she’s a mewling kitten

   Who’s also an ageing corpse.

               Finally, in no more than seventeen

                     Syllables, distil the above three images

 And express as a metaphor.




Kevin McCann
Illustration Nick Victor

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