In Absentia

i light a candle for the absents
the almost forgotten, the waiting, the worn
a day light for the dark nights
a filament of throat from thought
i light a candle for the absents
the disappeared, the frightened, 
the watching, the saturday fathers, 
disneyland dads, happy meal patriachs,
contact controlled, access asked
permission prayered
the deadbeat, child support agents
no rights only deepest responsibility
i stare into the flame
see love and hate
silent flicker
a black and white photograph in a golden frame
from the slit wrist
the rose will grow
from the distance
blazes the geography of the soul
like candles, we inhabit the night
absence is not abstention
what feeds the wick?
who starves the oxygen?
what man is not made from woman and man?
Patrick Jones

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