A Re-enactment of Last Year’s Field Trip to Portsdown Hill


Saturday 15th June 2013


Meet at Southampton Central Station at 10.30am

or Portchester Station at 11.23am

or the cafe at Fort Nelson at noon.


Fort Nelson is a Royal Armouries museum. Entrance and parking are free. There is a cafe and toilets. 


Those travelling by rail from Southampton: Purchase a return ticket to Cosham. Our train will depart at 10.44am. We will alight from the train at Portchester at 11.23am.


Those travelling by road: Portchester Station has no car park. Those travelling by car should meet us at Fort Nelson (PO17 6AN). 


We will walk in an unconvincing fashion to Fort Nelson where there will be a poetry recital in tunnels beneath the ground (it will be the same bits of Hegemonick as last time). We will then set off on foot towards the Churchillian public house (PO6 3LS). If the weather is fine we will linger at the Northern compound of the underground Oil Fuel Depot (SU623072) for a makeshift picnic. We will fail to capture the attitudes, behaviour and experiences of those who attended the field trip last November. We won’t look like them either. Having failed to embody the past we will proceed to the pub and pretend to socialise.


We will return via Cosham Station. (Ingenious motorists will have devised a plan for reuniting the people at the pub and the cars at the Fort.)

Trains to Southampton: 17.26, 17.39, 17.46, 17.51, 18.06, 18.26, 18.39, 18.46 &c.
(bold denotes 30 mins journey approx, italics denotes 45mins approx).


As Emily Trig says in the current issue of The Listening Voice newsletter:


” . . . we will go once more to Portsdown Hill to generate the repetitions that mimic those detailed in a book about a militarised and eroticised landscape, a place that is forbidden and fenced off. The virtues that are fulsome and can be glimpsed within love and utopian ideas, that fill the self with wonder, are harnessed there. This is where love is made into work and its job is death. This is where beauty is made null. Peering through the fences we saw revealed the love that others would have us think does not exist.”









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