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it14 June 2 1967:
“All Human Life For Sale”; Published following the jail sentence of John ‘Hoppy’ Hopkins Editor of I.T. , creator of the UFO venue. It was in production at the time of the case and rapid alterations were made to the front cover and editorial at the last minute: Sgt Pepper’s, Beatles full page Ad; Pink Floyd at UFO club; Michael X paranoia; J.S.McCullogh, ‘Story of a Normal Man’; The Who by Mick Farren; An Environmental Pace by Simon Vinkenoog; Yoko Ono letter; Column of Dreams by George Andrews; Magic Square by David Kimchi; Free Radio rally in Trafalgar Square – outlawing the first off-shore radio pirates; run down on current light shows and their origins, rare interview with Andy Warhol who was visiting London; news from New York and India; Smoke-in at Hyde Park, sightings of UFOs, interview with Monica Sjoo-Trickey the Swedish activist and ‘pornographic’ painter, promo for Monterey International Pop Festival; Jeff Nuttall cartoon; review of Hendrix first album ‘Are You Experienced’; review of The Move at UFO’; Love – the Da Capo album (Arthur Lee); Netherlands Dance Theatre; Mick Farren, ‘Pop in the Police State’.



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