Jeremy Corbyn devotionals


Allotment Sundays

Jeremy Corbyn devotional #1

Meadow dreams of Nowhere
an afternoon in 10m by 2m
country idyll
East German
grass-roots pulled
from asphalt
new homes built
in hedgerows
concrete aspidistra rising heat
we stand our ground, thatching
weeds, hessian spills
our last bid for tomorrow


The Textiles Union Lonesome Blues

Jeremy Corbyn devotional #2

Mary says
she’ll mirror
his arr
free-style on the
long dance floor

the waltzing Lords
aren’t satisfied
Labour cries ‘she!’

will be the mirror
of your lonesome Corbyn
all male shadow blue

glitter dream
the beast refuses
to be civil, cries ‘She! She!

She’ll do me, she’ll do you
she’s got that kind of loving’

her Majesty’s hoops
uncovered leather
shifts a cover-up
shop circled
a.m. resonating

lonesome ladies’
night shift song

sweet harmonies
to feathery pins
in shorts

such is the goodbye
Textiles Union blues


Sarah Cave

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