Let Love In

let love in


Let love in.

It’s been sleeping on your doorstep

in the rain

for what feels like forever now.

Stepping over it has become

a minor inconvenience

to say the least.

Let love in.

You know that rapping on the window,

when the storm hits at midnight,

that’s it


Dead and dead again each time

it calls

and you don’t respond.

Let love in you fucking hypocrite;

in from the cold

and the bullshit.

It’s been wanting you from the gutter,

begging for the change

for a fix.

Let love in your door,

down the hall,

into your bedroom

and under your skin.

Right down to the atom,

then shine it out – in every direction.

Let love in like infection,

leaving you no choice at all.


Don’t let it sleep under streetlight again.

It’s been waiting for days

and weeks and months and years,

it’s been right in front of your eyes,

whistling in your ears.

Let love in.


it’s been drinking

but could you live with yourself

if anything happened?

A helpless,

innocent victim.

Downtrodden on the pavement

as all the others came and went.

Let love in through your letterbox

like some religious advertisement.







© Greg Fiddament
Illustration Nick Victor

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