Cabinet Of Millionaires are thoughtful electro pop! Conscious lyrics over a hard hitting rebellious electro rock groove with strings, brass, bass organ, guitars and menacing yet soulful vocals.“Those who can should, those who can’t we will always help” (said no 10 Downing Street in 2010). Really? Agit-house anyone? OMG who’s that dancing in the video?”Yes the brand new video has a great dance from Dave Cameron!
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Loosely dance / electro / rock, Hospital Records label manager Mullet was suitably impressed enough to tweet its “rebellious electro vs the tories!”
We are picking up some great feedback including support from London Elektricity (Hospital), Eddy Temple Morris (XFM), Andi Durrant (Kiss FM) and Danny Rampling (Push FM)
Veteran dance guru Eddie Gordon (BBC Essential Mix) said  “The kind of dance track that DJ’s like Andy Weatherall would turn people onto or the Talking Heads would delight the New York uber cool clubs with. Great intro on the “I’ve Heard Enough Mix” like the opening of a Doors track”
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