Love Songs for an Echo



Announcing the publication of Love Songs for an Echo by Rupert M Loydell, a new collection of ten prose poems, two of which are sequences. 

The following quote, which is one of the book’s epigraphs, may give you an idea of the contents of the book:


‘Music, moments of happiness, mythology, faces fatigued by time, some twilights and some places try to tell us something, perhaps did utter some meaning that we should not have forgotten, or perhaps are on the point of telling us something: the imminence of revelation that never quite occurs is perhaps what we call the aesthetic fact.’

Jorge Luis Borges, ‘The Wall and the Books’

‘Rupert Loydell’s world is strangely beautiful, or beautifully strange, but it’s also strangely familiar. What I like about Loydell’s work is his commitment to a kind of truth, not to experience so much as to language. He doesn’t fuss over his language, he’s never showing off his clever images, or making you gasp as he steps over rhetorical tall buildings with his wit. He can be witty, he shows his intelligence all the time, but he never shows off about it.’



Rupert Loydell is Senior Lecturer in English and Creative Writing at Falmouth University, the editor of Stride and With magazines, Smallminded Books, and a contributing editor to international times.

£3.60 (price for UK only)                    ISBN 978-0-9931186-5-4                36 pages

The book is now available to order online at:

or by cheque, payable to ‘Sam Smith’, to
original plus
38 Pwllcarn Terrace
South Wales  CF32 8AS


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