On Jack Foley’s Riverrun

Book Cover artwork: Claire Palmer
Half through Jack Foley’s Riverrun and loving it. Sad, exhilarating and imaginatively original true adventure in Poetry!!! Yes, I recommend it for all poetry lovers.
Finished! Superb. Many re-reads to come. Thank you!
Once again
On the reading of Jack Foley’s Riverrun

Tough love
As they say…
A kick square in the syntax
Of ordinary losing
Where the heart must root out
New dimensions of growth
In the stone garden of memory. 
A Zenlike mode of transportation 
Into peace between breathing,
And choosing not to feel
The hard negativity of loss.
Change —
A small fragment of earth moves by
And the pale tendril,
The presumptuous green finger
Of a wild flower 
Begins its declaration:
Here is life, 
Here is death, 
Here is the beginning of the end.
Here is the beginning
Of a moment contained again.
Stephen Cole
Title Riverrun
Author Jack Foley
Publisher Poetry Hotel Press, 2016
ISBN 0989157849, 9780989157841

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