Polar Star

Heaven of northern fields
      May light
sing praises
Sordid flatterers cringe
before the rich man
& bow
& bring their offerings 

But on some high
hanging rock
tempests fly
across a midnight sky
shining bright & silent 

Star of the pole
how many look
      abyss of air 
rent & riven
black clouds
     increasing shrouds 
with surf shaken shore
as they drive secret quicksands 
& dark blue concave of night
a thousand stars fixed
a silent sky native shores

Ocean roam 
                 waste on waste
native valley lies
bitter blast inclement sky 
everlasting guide


June 26th 1832 – Branwell Brontë 
March 20th 2022 – Andrew Taylor 


                                                      Photo: Adam Nagaitis as Branwell Brontë  in To Walk Invisible/BBC





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