Portsdown Hill

Saturday 24th November 2012

 — meet at Southampton Central Station (10.30am)

or Fort Nelson car park (noon)

We will go to Portsdown Hill (Hants) to explore how we have internalised the reshaping of geographical features by various forces (political, industrial, military, etc.) and then we will project those features back into the material world to reveal the wider social and economic conflicts they had masked. It will be a hoot.Those travelling by rail
Purchase a return ticket to Cosham. Our train will depart at 10.44am. We will alight from the train at Portchester at 11.23am.Those travelling by road
Meet us at Fort Nelson (PO17 6AN). Fort Nelson is a Royal Armouries museum. There is free parking. (Portchester Station has no car park so don’t go there. )
The day
We will walk to Fort Nelson (entrance is free and there is a cafe, toilets, etc.) and conduct a suburban ritual in the Powder Examining Room. We will then visit Paulsgrove chalk pit to look at the Cooper Shelter and the Underground Radio Station. Having completed our investigations we will head for The Churchillian pub (PO6 3LS).Those travelling by rail will return via to Cosham Station
Trains to Southampton: 17.26, 17.39, 17.46, 17.51, 18.06, 18.26, 18.39, 18.46 &c.nb.
A free anal clitoris will be available to all who attend. To receive your free anal clitoris simply approach any officer in uniform during the day and shout “I claim my free anal clitoris”.
Andrew Jordan is a scholar, magician, poet, topographer, historian, autobiographer, revolutionary – most of these and perhaps some more . . . [there is] meticulous detailing of topographical forms which translate into mental acts. I read it as an adventure, a personal narrative of desperation and hope in a bid to encompass individual and total perception, and I’m happy to do so. It is a passionate writing and at its heart is the shaping power of perception.

Peter Riley in Fortnightly Review



A creepy journey through sunlight and dampness, ending in an Armageddon of sorts. This book creates an atmosphere of rare beauty

and horror that has stayed with me for days.

Claire Lewis, International Times




This is not a book for those of a nervous disposition!

Steve Spence, Stride magazine


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