I cometh before you
Seeking the magnetism
Which bewitch the one
Who once visited thee

How you replenish the vigour
On a fainted face?

saw Hajar  in the wayside
When the chapped lips
Longed for a drop,
Clasping lil Ismael on her shoulder.
They poured me
From the flagon,

Beneath, a footstep
Clenching the hands of a lad
on a hand
And knife on the other.
Pigeon cooed,
‘Beloveds of the Almighty,
And though loved by him.

The divine bliss on
his lil face
For the whole Noor
Encompassed upon him.

Beneath, a leaf sways.
A serpent of envy
Heading towards her home
But soon driven off

Reluctantly I walked back
Embracing the brownstone.





Picture Rupert Loydell

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