Seemed to me
The epitomy
Of all that was wrong
With the world
Let alone with western
His violent will to win
His sneering grin
When his cheating ways
Were rewarded
With ugly victory
By the ice-cold powers
That be
Rather than disqualification
And shame
For his annihilation
Of sporting grace
In the name of naked gain

Seemed to me
The personification
Of neo-liberal greed
Almost a caricature
Of its psychotic creed
The Red Baron
Sneering through
Cascades of champagne
After another
Routine victory
Won by money
And power
And the same old
Same old
Simian chain
Of brutal domination
And gleeful pain

Every man
In Asia
Every man
In Africa
Is like every man
In Europe
And America
A man who dreams
Of cars
Bigger faster
More powerful cars
Virile cars
Fantasy fuck cars
Or even just a motor
For a third world voter
Any old heap of shit
For the billions of men
Who can’t afford it

Seemed to me
Like the slickest
Car salesman
Of them all
Fueling dreams
Around the globe
Of a richman’s manhood
A winner’s load
Crazy dreams of victory
Fuck the rest
It’s all about me
Fuck the fumes
Fuck the warming
Jealous losers
Fuck their ‘warnings’
Commie bullshit
Hippy scum
Drippy lectures
Bongo drums

Now lies in a coma
The thought occured
It might be karma
My poster-boy
For evil incarnate
Fighting for his life
As if his trauma
(From a speed addiction)
Was cosmic payback
For his petrol-headed
War on flora and fauna
For his desecration
Of sporting glory
For his happy
Of Dawkins’ story

Michael please
Forgive me
My moment of
Monkey glee
At your expense
I have recently
Become aware
Of mortality
And the fragility
Of absolutely
And the impossibility
Of victory
(Beyond a game)
At the expense
Of anybody else
I wish you
A speedy recovery
A joyful return to your
And a fresh discovery
Of all that is precious
Of all that we treasure
Of all that we measure
In love


Roddy McDevitt
Pic: Claire Palmer


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