Septimus Severus


From Ancient Rome to Barbarica:
One step forward, two steps backward.















“I’ve been everything
And what’s the use?”
“Omnia fui, nihil expedit.”
Said Septimus Severus,
Invader of Caledonia,
Rebuilder of Hadrian’s Wall,
Caesar, and Roman Emperor.

Few modern leaders
Achieve such self-awareness,
Choosing self-delusion
Or self-importance instead.


The Presidential winner
Of the Nobel Peace Prize –
A drone-wielding invader
Of no less than seven countries –
Is now to spend a trillion dollars
On refurbishing his nuclear arsenal.

[‘US begins $1 trillion upgrade of Nuclear Weapons Arsenal.’
International Business Times, November, 15, 2014]

Although the American Emperor’s fame has gone viral
His name is surely no longer worth mentioning
For, instead of his despairing of himself,
He prefers having the world despair of a man
Who treacherously uses his Imperial power
To steal the world’s tomorrows.

His fame may become fissile in form
With every man, woman and child
On the planet treated to a particle
Of his weapons’ grade plutonium.

Elected on an anti-war platform
He campaigned for a “nuclear-free world”
Only to be leaving in his wake
An unstable trail
Of radioactive dust.

“Americans buy war like children gobble candy.” said Henry Kissinger,
And he should know having destroyed South East Asia.
Now a new President has even more money with which to buy deadly treats:
Aroused by nuclear bombs whilst Hiroshima causes amnesia.


Heathcote Williams
Pic: David Dees


By Heathcote Williams

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