Surgery with Dr Poetica

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Come in, come in. Please sit
down or lie on the couch. This
could mean stand if we wish.

I am a Doctor, we can rust me.
This could be read as dear,
not to mention deer. All metal poets

are prone to oxidisation. Do we think
this statement is true? Together
we will forge a gold or a

golden answer. Your choice. Note how
Your holds our. Or
is that the wrong tone? Now

& then I’m an author. Or Thor! Don’t
be startled by big bangs. So, tell
me what is troubling us? Trout bling settling

in the pond mud. Does that phrase mean
everything to us? Good! A very thing. We are
making progress. Mama & King are raking the

cress. Yes? Lets
take a look at last night’s dream.
Follow me, hear, but as we will. We

arrive at last night’s dream to see
a look. Together we can take a look away
and leave at. Note the dog’s breath

& the hat he chewed. It’s all about
that or this or not. Well I feel
much better, thank us. If we go

on reeding us this way for long
enough we both & every One
very where will be dear for ever.

Heal. Good god!

Mark Goodwin
Pic Nick Victor.

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