The airport at night



Love and philosophy, untouched whisky
planets spread-eagled on the sky’s paws
the glass tumbler tumbles

In the airport at night, glowing
pearl like orbs drip from above, the curl
of blackness curling into blackness

August whispers in the next room
neglecting the painted light on angels
or the bluish of evergreens in winter

here, birds take off just to land, the
destinations rain by like raindrops, intricate
distances on the lounge floor, the strange

colour of the nightingales, time passes,
cigarettes and savages, I will leave again
to the places I am always leaving



Charlie Baylis
illustration Nick Victor

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One Response to The airport at night

    1. Thanks for the nice picture Nick!

      Comment by Charlie on 5 June, 2015 at 12:56 pm

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