The Children of Genius

The Children of Genius


Every new born child is a little genius; untainted by societies’ demands. But the status quo soon applies the pliers and twists that genius into conformity. A conformity which contradicts the purity of the child’s passion and the innocence she sees in nature, her true mother.

The child is dependent. She cannot live without the nurturing hand of the parent. She is vulnerable therefore, to the pervasive voice of the status quo.

Yet there lies inside that spark of truth which will not die. Its voice counteracts the embedded position which demands attention and obeisance. When given fuel, that spark of truth swells and exudes its energetic magic. That is The Way.

Driven by this priceless flowering we discern truth form falsehood; a direction from no direction; life from death.

Reflecting on this same theme back in 1979, I penned these very brief stanzas. I found them again just the other day and, never having published any poetry before, wondered if it might not be the time to do so. And because the lines still resonate so strongly – as if no time had passed between then and now – I decided to offer it.
We are the children of genius
Born on the winds of change
Riding the surf of the seasons
Enticed by the lure of the age

We are the leap into future
Blasted by volcanic fire
Cutting our way through the stupor
Impelled by the heat of desire

We are the rebirth, the Phoenix
Rising-up from the dark pit of strife
Gathering the stuff for our bees nest
Stung by the fever of life

Julian Rose

Julian is an international activist, actor, farmer and writer. See

Illustration Nick Victor

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