The Film Donald Trump Doesn’t Want You To See

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Each week we highlight an Occupy group or offshoot that is doing something unique and winning. This week, we feature a film that shines light onto one of America’s most ego-maniacal billionaires before he becomes the next president…

It’s a crisis!  Donald Trump is way ahead in the polls!

As a public service, and for 24 hours only on the day of the first Republican Presidential debate, filmmaker Anthony Baxter is making available for free viewing online the film that Trump tried to ban:
In this exciting David-vs-Goliath story, Scottish landowners go head-to-head with billionaire Donald Trump to prevent the construction of a golf resort on an environmentally sensitive stretch of coastline.

Trump  threatened to sue the BBC when it announced it was showing You’ve Been Trumpedon television. The BBC didn’t back down, and after the screening, Trump’s popularity in the United Kingdom plummeted.
Can the same can happen in the USA?
On Thursday, August 6, you can view You’ve Been Trumped – the winner of 12 international awards – absolutely free.

And tell your friends. Watch You’ve Been Trumped – the film Donald Trump doesn’t want you to see – before you have to call him Mr. President.


OccupyWallStNYC Team

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