The End Times


brain damaged, talking heads,
ramble on the television,
democrat and republican,
left or right,
only part of the script,
used to control,
the rebels,
and independent souls,
a climate crisis,
the latest episode,
what a bunch of bullshit,
the earth abused for eons,
century after century,
the climate,
a killer created,
society after society,
but now,
at this time,
in this day and age,
humans are going to take their stand,
what a bunch of ignorant hypocrites,
fuck you, and your climate crisis,
if the end is near,
so be it,
the scripts have talked of this time since the beginning,
the end,
finally near at hand,
don’t be whiny little babies,
grab a bottle for a final toast,
global warming,
a fitting fucking way to go.




Doug Polk

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