The Restructure


We can help you restructure.
We can support you in your quest for maximum value.
For businesses facing financial under-performance, our team of specialists will deliver bespoke solutions for a full recovery.
Through a series of in-depth consultations and management summits, we will establish your unique market objectives and resource needs.
In times of liquidity shortfall only negative human outcomes will ensure competitiveness.
Promote transparency and accountability by reducing red tape.
A challenging credit landscape calls for internal delayering, precision outsourcing, and the cutting away of “dead wood”.
Realize full potential via root-and-branch reviews.
Incentivise your workforce through strategic lay-offs.
A holistic approach to the labour environment is necessary for full compliance.
Targets. Productivity. Cost.


Jody Porter

(Editor’s note: this poem was written to celebrate the launch of The Restructure by the poet Chris MacCabe)

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