Where All the Trees Are On Fire

I’m here past midnight with Bo Diddley on YouTube,
I’m reading ‘Howl’ and ‘Big Sur’ again
watching Flash Gordon and ‘Jailhouse Rock’,
seeing Neil Armstrong step into tomorrows
and JFK kissing off bad old yesterdays,
Miles Davis and ‘A Love Supreme’ echo in my head,
High Noon and Gunfight At The OK Corral,
‘Amazing Stories’ and ‘Thrilling Wonder Stories’,
Sal Paradise and Dean Moriarty rage against fate,
I Love Lucy, Daffy Duck and The Lone Ranger,
Jasper Johns, Wally Woods and Robert Crumb,
I ride with Easy Rider beyond Zabriski Point,
Louis Armstrong smokes dope on the paddlesteamers,
Robert Johnson sells his soul at the crossroad,
Elvis tunes in to the black Memphis radio stations,
Woodie Guthrie rides the midnight rail,
I am seven years old, reading Buffalo Bill comicstrips,
watching the TV-news now I sometimes sense
no trace of that America survives…




Andrew Darlington

Twitter: @darlingtonandy
Website: www.andrewdarlington.blogspot.com

Illustration: Claire Palmer

By Andrew Darlington

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    1. Thank you. True

      Comment by Tom on 24 March, 2020 at 1:06 am

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