A state can be brought down by just one man.
It can also rise to glory, because of one man.
—Shi Jing (The Book of History), transl. Palmer, Finlay & Ramsay


All it takes is one man—or woman.
Assange lingers by the embassy window,
as you recall your revenge dismissal.

The moment of truth that comes to all of us
at least once…looming like that boom microphone,
to utter its inconvenient clarity—
or compromise our integrity. What price ?

You know it.
And so you take the whistle, and blow…
and you know it is the Self calling
beyond ego. How ?

Because it is calm…calm as his face
huge on a Hong Kong screen
like Christ in Gethsemane.

And the truth shall set you free.

Hong Kong, Moscow, Cuba, Venezuela
protect his passage tonight*
soothe his pursed lips and troubled mind.

Red Moon full, the air as you txt, ethereal.

If truth represents a threat
to National Security
then National Security must be a lie.

We know it.
We know it like it’s rife, ripe
ready for the harvest of its own making
for angels of fire and ice.

Angelic calm, your face
as you smoke in front of your computer
the late night air soft with electronica

and the world outside burning
all the way to Ecuador
beyond all reasonable doubt.

*Edward Snowden in Moscow—BBC 10 O’Clock News

June 23rd 2013

Jay Ramsay
Pic: Elena Caldera


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