Don’t Eat Meat



Don’t eat meat, please don’t eat meat,
That animal once had eyes and feet –
And ears and nose and front legs too,
And felt things, just like me and you.
A lump of flesh on your plate now,
There are baby pigs who miss that sow –
Who cry at night with broken hearts,
Their dear old mum now chopped in parts.
Don’t eat meat, please don’t eat meat,
That creature had a pulse which beat –
And knew Earth’s pains; her pleasures few,
Yet prized her life, just as we do.
Now sizzling in some person’s pan,
Killed for the gluttony of man,
Who of himself a graveyard makes,
And someone’s sacred breath just takes.
Don’t eat meat, please don’t eat meat,
Your brothers and sisters always treat –
With loving kindness, gentle care,
Because they too this planet share.
And weren’t just born for human use,
For fear and pain and cruel abuse!
Their cries, their screams, the same as ours,
Just look at how he shudders, cowers.
Such arrogance of the human race,
To think they have a special place,
In Mother Nature’s warm embrace –
That never really was the case.
All equal in the Law Divine:
Each blessed and precious; here to shine.
So don’t eat meat, please don’t eat meat,
If there’s a face, it’s there to greet.

Heidi Stephenson

By Heidi Stephenson

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