On a serious note, 

I am broken. 

Every minute I can feel that.

Loosing grip over reality.

Turning into a woebegone.

Sinking into no man’s land.

On a serious note,

I am alone.

I am alone in this goddamn world.

And it sucks to be.

I’ve lost every accompany.

Or may be I never had any.

On a serious note, 

I don’t know what it is.

Some are going to remember me.

And others will surely discard.

Some will forget in the first place.

And few will follow years later.

On a serious note, 

I have nothing to do with it. 

I care the least.

Yes, I do. (I do.)

I can’t deal with this namby-pamby-

Penchants but react out of my tantrum.

On a serious note, 

It’s all familiar to me—

To be in helluva mess,

To feel low very often,

To feel suicidal,

And all the euphoric loop.

On a serious note, 

I am badly damaged.

I am damaged beyond repair.

And I am ok with it-

Even if I am not. 

And it’s poignant. 

On a serious note, 

I am done with everything topsy-turvy.

I am done with innumerable loss.

And with this emotional rollercoaster.

I am done and dusted with life-

And all its low-key affairs.



By Tiyasha Khanra




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