halfway between confusion
                 and aftermath mindchange
                   fuck part one re over run
                     part two des origines
                       Cryptomnesia from
                        skit to skits murky
                   something side of the retro
                      logic  no animation and no
                      frogs please Well endowed
                          the future rush part
                       of disorientation
                  miracles the past is constantly
                new the satisfaction of the thing felt
                        and said paranoia fun
                        equanimity struggle
                   and chance and magic sort of
              speak the high point of dementia
                     didn’t even give us an address
                      still gonna meet at Genesa Inn
               first conflicted then happy with the
                         Absurd they are there
                         Everywhere it‘s  their
                      reason to exist we have (been)
               overlooked& escaped
                   meltdowns of the conspiracy
                   specially designed told by the
                   power of the multitudes decree
                   new possibilities if you picture
                   them guilty guilt comes back to you
                   after got all bored and started
                   fresh again


Puslenghea Bogdan
Pic: Nick Victor



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