Presidents and Prime Ministers Criminal Acts Forgiven and Forgotten with Each Election



My talk with Gerald Celente about Greece, Tsipras, ethics, consequences, Donald Trump, elections, democracy, megalomaniacs, psychopaths, sociopaths, Wesley Clark, refugees, China, Germany, and the Trends Research Institute’s upcoming Occupy Peace Movement, to reinstate core values, replant the seeds of true democracy, re sample our moral and constitutional DNA, and demand peace not endless war.


Every time a President, Prime Minister or Government changes hands it seems as though all of the previous acts of murder and corruption are wiped clean,  a sort of amnesia, particularly in the US and the West, where there seems to be a complete forgiveness and a forgetting of the previous elected persons criminal activities, and egregious crimes against humanity, as though just because leadership has changed, it automatically means all their previous war crimes, lies, deception, murder, and illegal, immoral acts and the consequences, are completely swept under the rug. There are no criminal charges and prosecutions, with them walking away quite arrogantly, as if they were innocent, and in Tony Blair’s case even having the temerity to accept the position of Middle East Peace Envoy, after giving the orders to slaughter hundreds of thousands of innocent people there, with no apology or any signs of remorse to this day.

Tony Blair, George Bush Junior and Senior, The Clintons, Nicolas Sarkozy, Colin Powell, and now David Cameron and Obama, to name but a few, have walked away from mass murders and unspeakable damage to people, cultures and the planet without a trial, with the usual amnesia. Meanwhile people like Saddam Hussein, Gadaffi, Bin Laden, were all murdered without a trial, for their crimes which pale in comparison to those by Western leaders who get off without charge, who even had the audacity to hang Saddam Hussein live on television, then watch the murder of Bin Laden together with a sickening pride, then supposedly dump his body in the ocean without an autopsy, identification, or a trial! Though it seems he may well have died long before this debacle, of a natural death. Are those who write the law therefore above the law? This must change, and these criminals must go to prison for psychological rehabilitation before they do any more damage.

Ratklo Mladic the Bosnian Serb army chief was hurled in jail for doing a fraction of the killing compared to a Bush, Blair, Clinton or Sarkozy who also ordered ‘their’ troops and jet pilots to unleash a literal hell on earth upon The Middle East with depleted uranium nuclear bombs and shells, creating birth defects, cancers and infertility there for many millenia to come, and murdering over 1 million people, which all began with a lie about WMD’s, and continues based on lies and deception. It is no wonder so many war veterans are committing suicide and suffering terrible depression, and cancer through depleted uranium contamination.

At each election hysterical voters seem to have an amnesia about the criminal acts carried out by their last President or Prime Minister, as they wave their flags at their next President acting as a surrogate Mum, Dad, or God in the form of the next leader they choose to protect them, who usually change only in name and not in psychological type or character which continues to perpetuate and exacerbate the great money making war machine with its immense profits from arms sales, and murder. It seems killing people and taking over other countries is the big power and money maker now, with contracts for rebuilding countries they decimate often signed and sealed long before the first bomb is even dropped.

General Wesley Clark warned us all about the pre planned devastation and take over of The Middle East in a now famous video which must be seen to be believed, and thankfully we have many other people helping us all understand the insanity we are witnessing globally, such people are like the smelling salts alerting people to the dangers we face, such as guests on my own show like Paul Craig Roberts and Gerald Celente.

Clearly the elected leaders we are talking about here are not psychologically balanced and sane enough to have this kind of responsibility and power at their fingertips, and it is also very clear that we are now witnessing a global awareness and recognition of this fact, as people realize that humanity faces great danger while this type of psychopath has control of armies and nuclear weapons that have cataclysmic capabilities, and should we need confirmation of the grave dangers we face at the hands of these types of people we only need observe their daily actions in the Middle East and surrounding area, and the chaos that is ensuing from the consequences and feed back loops from those decisions made without vision and wisdom, but rather with a blinkered short shortsightedness predicated on short term greed and an insatiable lust for power and control at any cost to people, countries or planet.

We urgently require – and must demand – a complete change of law, with accountability and prosecution for Presidents and Prime Ministers even after they depart their positions, particularly those Western Governments who randomly and regularly commit massive murder, and crimes against humanity. We must also each take responsibility and have the courage to face the truth of what is being done, and also realize we are all complicit with our votes, if we vote.


Jason Liosatos


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