Stonehenge Festival Campaign

English Heretic’s mismanagement of the summer solstice  (Page two)
Solution…..The return of a FREE FESTIVAL SITE !! 

A Preview of campaign’s Autum Equinox free Quarterly newsletter 2019
– Next stop for the Campaign is SUNRISE FESTIVAL in August…….

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    1. 2019 saw the third in a series of unauthorised free solstice gatherings near Stonehenge …
      the Woodhenge ‘festival site’ only two miles from the stones. Bands included the likes of traveller and festival favourites N.F.A, CULTURE SHOCK, RDF, SPORADICS, BLUNDERS, DAMIDGE, etc. There were no complaints or trouble of any kind – in 2015 the festival campaign submitted an entertainment license application for the same site that was rejected – the main objectors being Wiltshire police. Custodians English Heritage say there is no land available for a festival site.
      Many are disillusioned with E.H’s management of the Stonehenge site @ summer solstice, and the campaign firmly believes that a separate festival site is part of the solution to restoring harmony at Stonehenge at the time of summer solstice. The successful EQUINOX gatherings @ Stonehenge, without the restrictions of summer solstice, are proof that a gathering with amplified music can co-exist alongside those who revere the Stonehenge landscape as sacred

      Comment by Sid Hope on 13 July, 2019 at 3:04 pm

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